Roger Claire Craske
Bismarck, N.D.   Canton, MI
Carla Dixon wrote on 10/30/2012 To my Dear Sweet Father. Thank you so much for being a special father. You meant and still mean the world to me. You made being a family, important and fun.I'll never forget all our crazy things we used to do.Thanks for imbedding in our hearts and souls a lust for life. The "character" quote: "one should never lie,cheat or steal" is instilled in me and they are words the word would be a better place if we all lived by them. I goofed around raising my own children in fun-like you did us-creeping around in the dark some nights scaring "fun" in them.You sure did instill a strong, loyal Work Ethic in us. I don't think any one of us kids fall short of doing things as perfect as we can. You insisited on things being done swiftly and 100%. I'm a little "anal" to this day over housework and yard work from my up-bringing-but thats ok. I feel your spirit around me Dad, and I am so Greatful gor that. I need you near Me Father. Thank You again for being a great Dad. I love you with all my heart!! Rest in peace my Father. xoxo

kimberly craske wrote on 10/17/2012 Thank you Dad for all you gave and taught.i love you and will forever miss you.until we meet again..

connorimerfall wrote on 10/10/2012 Roger is the lighter to light every ones candle. Roger had love. Roger never had something bad to say.I LOVE YOU ROG


Samii Bynum wrote on 10/8/2012 your forever in my heart. love you.

jundt famliy wrote on 10/8/2012 We are sorry for your loss loretta tom bill ralph marian dorothy jundt

Joyce Rumsey-Bynum wrote on 10/7/2012 Carla, Robert, Kim, & Roger love and prayers .Your Father will Be in your heart forever . Death leaves a heartache no one can heal ; Love leaves a memory no one can steal .

Granddaughter wrote on 10/7/2012 Love you

Donna Schlittenhardt wrote on 10/7/2012 Dear Craske Family, We are so Sorry for your loss. We think of your Dad as a kind soul & a fun guy to hang with. I'm sure @ night he's one of those bright shining stars shining down @ you from the Heavens above... Our thoughts & prayers to all of you, Donna & North Dakota Jundt Family

Joyce Rumsey-Bynum wrote on 10/7/2012 To my Brother in Law,my friend,my other brother~when I was young in trouble you were there for me to scold,to try to fix the many things I somehow got in to.You would hold my hand and say it ain't that bad kid. We were even partners in crime ;) When others gave up on me you did not. You gave me many, many memories more than I can count. Those will live with me forever always in my heart. I LOVE YOU ROG. I read this Rog and thought of you. I feel a warmth around me like your presence is so near, And I close my eyes to visualize your face when you were here, I endure the times we spent together and they are locked inside my heart, For as long as I have those memories we will never be apart, Even though we cannot speak no more my voice is always there, Because every night before I sleep I have you in my prayer.

patricia craske wrote on 10/7/2012 i have and will love you as the father of our children always. We both had our falts,but you were a good dad,your kids raised by you having food fights,camping,and being in sports,even thier friends thought you were pretty cool(even though i wasnt real crazy about them,they LOVED those food fights)your Family and friends will Always miss you. LOVE ALWAYS PAT